Chama, NM: A Day on the Dude Ranch

Wednesday, May 13 It’s hard to overstate what a strange experience it is to have someone come up to you in a parking lot who recognizes you from your blog. It was our good fortune though, as Bill is a fantastic guy, a true cowboy. He told us we could stay the day and another […]

Taos to Chama, NM: Meeting Wild Bill

Tuesday, May 12 We contemplated staying in Taos for another day, but decided to press on towards Santa Fe and possibly beyond for today’s ride. On the way out of town we stopped to look at the San Francisco de Asis Church, an old adobe Spanish mission that was depicted in Georgia O’Keeffe paintings and […]

Clayton to Taos, NM: Entering Indian Territory

Monday, May 11 We woke up to a gloomy morning. While packing the bikes in the motel’s courtyard we met a professional photographer Rene Heil and his wife who travel the US documenting the work and life of American cowboys. He publishes a coffee book of his work every year. Rene was very enthusiastic about […]

Sweetwater, TX to Clayton, NM: Out of Texas

Sunday, May 10 We got an early start and followed the empty roads across the plains of the Texas panhandle. All of the small towns we drove through seemed to be on their last leg – boarded storefronts and empty streets. We did ride through some beautiful fields of wildflowers and once even an eroded […]

Houston, TX to Sweetwater, TX: Making Miles

Saturday, May 9 We left around 10 AM and headed northwest out of Houston. The terrain between Houston and Austin is old territory for me but an easy enough ride. My dad had provided us with a great route across Texas, avoiding major highways and truck traffic. Most of the time the roads were deserted. […]

The Last Stretch Home

Saturday, May 9 Today we are setting out for the final stretch of our adventure, riding from Houston, TX to our home town of Seattle, WA. While we are still working out the particulars of our route, the plan is to ride northwest from Houston to New Mexico. Then we will visit Taos and Santa […]

Houston, Texas: Two Weeks of Slacker Heaven

Friday, April 8 We spent almost two weeks in Houston, doing absolutely nothing, but sleeping, eating, lying by the pool, eating, sleeping, visiting with friends, eating and sleeping. Not much really happened to account for the two weeks. Matt’s parents threw us a welcome home party. We did some BBQ’ing at home. We satisfied our […]

Houston: Party!

Sunday, April 26 My parents welcomed us back in proper style by throwing us a welcome home party the Sunday evening after we arrived. It was held at the indoor/outdoor patio area of the tennis club my parents belong to and it was catered with mexican food and a nice beer, wine, and margarita bar. […]

Houston: Welcome Home

Wednesday, April 22 The plane ride was a typical international plane ride – boring and uncomfortable. Fortunately we managed to sleep through the entire flight, skipping both meals. When the plane touched down in Washington D.C.’s Dulles airport we were ready to get off the plane. I think because neither of us had eaten we […]

Crossing the border

Wednesday, November 19 We finally have begun the trip proper. We arose early today, and actually got on the road at a decent hour without incident. We got off at the last exit before the border and picked up insurance for Mexico. After reading about all of the border experiences of other travelers, I think […]