Buenos Aires: Farewell South America

Tuesday, April 21 Our last day in South America and our last proper day of the trip. It was a quiet and sad start to the morning. I was excited on a certain level and looking forward to seeing my parents in Houston, but really I couldn’t believe this long journey was really at an […]

Buenos Aires: The Final Asado

Monday, April 20 Adela gave us a ride into downtown this morning. It was our final day in BA, and shopping was at the top of our agenda. Adela dropped us off near her office, and we spent the morning looking for the perfect pair of leather boots for Inna. BA in known for high […]

Colonia, Uruguay: The 14th Country

Sunday, April 19 Today we planned on visiting our 14th country of the trip, by taking a 30 minute boat ride across Rio de la Plata to Uruguay’s Colonia. After breakfast at home, Fernando gave us a ride to the ferry terminal where we purchased our tickets (for some reason the price was cheaper at […]

Buenos Aire: Tigre, The Parana Delta

Saturday, April 18 We were recommended to spend a day at the popular tourist destination Tigre, a residential and commercial district in a neighborhood on the outskirts of BA. Fernando and Adela offered to give us a ride there so we all left the house around 11:00 after breakfast. This neighborhood sits on an island […]

Buenos Aires: The Art of Buenos Aires

Friday, April 17 After spending a full day at the cargo terminal yesterday, our plan for today was to reward ourselves with some fun tourist activities. We had planned to visit MALBA (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires), the rose garden, and do some shopping. We slept in till 10 am and skipped breakfast […]

Buenos Aires: Shipping Day

Thursday, April 16 We woke up early today as we needed to be at the airport by 10 AM to meet our shipping agent. We had done most of the packing the night before so it was an easy time to pack the bikes for the last time in South America. We ate a quick […]

Buenos Aires: Chasing Banks

Wednesday, April 15 Today was every American’s favorite day, tax day. After waking up and making breakfast, I did some online banking and resolved final issues with my taxes. Inna was smart and paid her taxes before we left for the trip. The goal for today was to get to some banks downtown and figure […]

Buenos Aires: Mi Buenos Aires Querido

Tuesday, April 14 We woke up early today and caught a ride with Fernando and Adela to downtown Buenos Aires (BA). Our main objective for today was to get information on shipping the bikes to Houston. We’ve done prior research and identified two shipping companies that handle motorcycle air freight, so we planned on visiting […]

Buenos Aires: Welcome to the End

Monday, April 13 After the drama of the night before, we felt no guilt sleeping in until 9:30. We lounged a bit in our super comfy beds before heading downstairs to see the house for the first time in daylight. Fernando and Adela have a beautiful home, very modern and tastefully decorated with so many […]

Estancia to Buenos Aires: Another Missing Link

Sunday, April 12 We woke up around 10 am thinking we would have another full day at the Estancia and head to Buenos Aires on Monday. At breakfast Fernando told us that the Estancia staff was getting the Sunday evening off, so we would be leaving in the afternoon. We had to rethink our plan […]