Houston: Party!

Sunday, April 26


My parents welcomed us back in proper style by throwing us a welcome home party the Sunday evening after we arrived. It was held at the indoor/outdoor patio area of the tennis club my parents belong to and it was catered with mexican food and a nice beer, wine, and margarita bar. We picked a few pictures to blow up to small poster size and display. I enjoyed riding the bikes through the country club to park on the patio for people to check out.


I think we had between 20 and 30 guests including many old friends of mine from when I lived in Houston, old family friends, and friends of my parents who had been following our journey via the blog. It was really fun to see everyone, to catch up, and to tell stories. It’s one of the stranger parts about blogging the trip is that everyone already knows most of your stories. Inna and I did a little Q&A at the end, and then I finally had something to eat because I had been too busy talking to everyone to take the time to sit down.


It was so nice of everyone to celebrate our safe return with us. Inna and I are very grateful and appreciative of all of the well wishes we received, and to everyone for following along on our journey. I’d especially like to thank my parents for throwing us a great party in addition to all of the support they gave us along the way.

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